Airbnb Guest Management

Providing professional guest management services for your short term property.

Why is delivering a great Airbnb guest service important?

Airbnb guest management is one of the most crucial parts of end-to-end Airbnb management. Bookings are dependent on positive reviews from guests staying at your property.

At Unique BNB Hosts, we pride ourselves on our local guest management team, who are available to assist via a dedicated support line. Delivering consistently excellent service to your guests is our top priority.

Key areas of our Airbnb guest management

Guest management

With our Airbnb guest management experience in major cities, we understand the challenges that come with short-term rentals.

Each month, we help guests have an extraordinary stay at our properties. Our guest management team aims to support guests around the clock to ensure they receive exceptional service.

Meet and greet key exchange

Most property owners don’t have the time to meet their guests and hand over the key. At Unique BNB Hosts, we take that task away from the homeowners.

We ensure guests can easily pick up and drop off keys at a convenient time. We also offer lock-box services, which is ideal for guests who are arriving late at night.

Safety and security

We prioritise guest safety and home security at all times. Our process includes thorough ID checks and screening of all guests, as well as regular property inspections.

This ensures everything is under control and the property is in the same condition as it was before the next check-in.

Maintenance and support

We know that maintenance issues are inevitable and may come at any time. Through our trusted network of trades, our professional maintenance service covers everything you’ll ever need to ensure guests have the best experience at your property.

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